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The organising party advises avoiding intense physical activities without being properly prepared. Ensure that you make wise decisions regarding the distance you wish to cover and/or the tempo you want to maintain. If you want to take part in competitive sport and at a high intensity, it is advised to undergo an annual medical examination.
It is not obliged to present medical certificates. It is up to the sportsman/woman to decide how he/she wants to interpret the information received during a medical examination. Thus, the organising party cannot be held responsible for any matters regarding this.

The DATEV Bochum Urban Trail is a unique experience. At different locations on the trail you will be captured on picture and video. These will be available for you on our photo and video pages. Of course, you are invited to make stops and shoot photos of you, you fellow runners and the sights.

After a unique run all runners will get to enjoy a well-deserved breakfast in a cosy atmosphere with the other participants.

How to get your breakfast? On your race number there is a breakfast field which will be checked when you pick up your breakfast. Look forward to a croissant, a granola bar, fruit and water.

The Bochum Urban Trail is an experience, not a race. At certain locations, public transport has priority and you might be asked to wait at a red light. For those reasons, we do not feature time registrations.

To provide more comfort running through the alleys, on the stairs and through the buildings, participants will start in 5 waves with a gap of 15 minutes in between.

Departure of waves:

  • 9.00 a.m. wave 1
  • 9.30 a.m. wave 2
  • 9.45 a.m. wave 3
  • 10.00 a.m. wave 4

Why this procedure in waves?
This starting procedure will, along with the hourglass start, should prevent long queues in the smaller passages, to make sure everyone can fully enjoy the trail. The hourglass start consists of a narrow passage at the start line. This way it takes longer to start the race, but allows a smoother run once you on the trail.

In which wave will I start?
Per wave 500 participants will take the start. A coule of days before the event, everyone who registered individually will receive a confirmation mail with the race number and wave.

Can I start in the same wave as my friends/colleagues/family?
You can always start in a later wave than assigned, but never in an earlier wave. If you want to run together, you can start together in the assigned wave which departs the last.

You are assigned to wave 1 and your running partner to wave 4.
You can NOT start together in wave 1.
You can start together in wave 4.

Dressing rooms for both men and women will be provided. From 8.00 a.m. you can drop your sports bag at the marked stands, which will be on the same location. Both your bag and your race number will get a numbered sticker, with which you can collect your bag after the run.
Loose items of clothing and plastic bags will not be accepted. Bring an easily sealable (sports) bag to hold your items.


We will announce the approach to the starting area as soon as possible. We recommend public transport as there are only limited parking opportunities available.

Collect race package

Runners who are signed up will receive an event ticket via e-mail a week before the event with their personalised race number. With this email you can collect your personal documents.

Group leaders might collect all numbers of the entire group. Per request we will prepare the group pickup.

For the perfect event look you can pre-order your event t-shirt for only 20 EUR. You will receive your t-shirt at race package pickup upon showing your race number.

Your contact for all information regarding Bochum is the Bochum Marketing GmbH – Tourism Info, Huestrasse 9, 44787 Bochum. The touristic service offerings contain travel offers, city tours, ticket sales, conference and congress services as well as free consultancy and accommodation agency.
Information here at or via phone at +49 234-963020.

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We advise you to prepare yourself for the 11k distance with an efficient training beforehand so that you can enjoy the DATEV Bochum Urban Trail with all it has to offer.

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A well-kept, 10-kilometre-long secret!

We will announce every now and then new locations of the course! Stay tuned!

You will find all course updates and announcements in the News section and on our facebook page.

Besides the unique experience of running through a beautiful German city and discovering known and unknown sights, we offer all participants of the DATEV Bochum Urban Trail® an expanded starter pack:

After your run, you will receive a delicious breakfast.

Your Photos and Videos
At different locations on the trail you will be captured on picture and video. These will be available for you on our photo and video pages.